Parts of a horse – 94 answers

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So, you have been playing 94% game and got stuck at the question 94% Parts of a horse? Don’t worry in our website you will find all the answers.
We always ask our visitors to first try to solve the question without cheating. The aim of this game is easy. In every level you will be given 2 statements (ex. Parts of a horse) and an image. You have to find words related to these statements, exactly 94% of the words that other people have thought.

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Still not getting all the answers for Parts of a horse? Here are the all the answers to this level:

94% Parts of a horse:

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  • Withers – 2%
  • Croup – 3%
  • Flank (or Naseau depending on your version of the game) – 4%
  • Leg – 8%
  • Head – 10%
  • Sabot – 19%
  • Tail – 20%
  • Mane – 28%

Other questions that can be asked at this level:

94% Kitchen tool:

  • Spatula – 7%
  • Stove – 7%
  • Range – 7%
  • Ladle – 8%
  • Spoon – 12%
  • Casserole – 14%
  • Whip – 17%
  • Knife – 22%

94% Picture of a bee gathering pollen:

  • Honey – 8%
  • Butiner – 8%
  • Spring – 9%
  • Nature – 11%
  • Bee – 27%
  • Flower – 31%

In our homepage you can find all 94% answers to all levels.

94% Parts of a horse

Every time you solve a question, you earn some coins. These coins can be later used to get hints on other questions, especially the newest ones. By the way if you come across any mistake in the answers, or any level isn’t in our website, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or you can just let us know about the mistake in the comments below.

Parts of a horse 94% is not yet available for Windows phone or Facebook user. This may change in due future, for this reason be part of our facebook fanpage to get the latest news about 94%.

94% game is developed by Scimob, the same company that is behind other successful games like 94 seconds and Word academy.

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