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Here you can find all the answers to all Word up puzzles.

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Select the grid number (example 6×6 puzzle):

WordUp Brain game, a new game created by LittleEngine Games, is a game for true word genius. Playing this game can make you stay for hours in front of your phone. It’s very simple to play, you just have to find the words hidden in a grid then grid becomes larger and puzzles get trickier. While playing you pass from Amoeba to an Alien (very evolution style).

You can play WordUp Game even if you are offline, it can be downloaded on iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android devices.

If it sounds easy take a look and try.

This game has more than 600 puzzles and more than 3000 words, every puzzle is solvable you just have to be mindful while putting letters on the order not going into dead- end situations because, then you will get stuck. But if you get stuck you can restart the level.

If you get stuck you can use the game hints, ask a friend option or just visit our website and find every answer on which you cannot pass. We have all the answers to beat every level, as you level up your brain size increases and you will become addicted.

Here we have all the solutions you need for every level and for letting you become the best of your friends on this game.

This game is a time killer but only a few players have managed to solve all the word challenges, it may be a bit difficult but don’t worry we are here to help you.
If you liked this game share this website to help others. Enjoy!

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